School-related stories

  • Dealing with relationships and friendships
  • Selecting career directions
  • Knowing the difference between formation and information: growing and getting

Stories about beliefs

  • Selecting what to keep and what to lose from the meta-narrative

Reading death

  • Rituals of recognition

Writing new chapters

  • Marriage, career-change, relocating
  • Life-changes, headings, chapters, paragraphs and sentences
  • How to word commitments

Learning to read the body

  • Physiology and feelings
  • Spelling breath correctly
  • Shape, posture and hidden purpose
  • Pain, mood and hidden meaning
  • The grammar of gait
  • Noticing neurons


  • Corporate pretence and tone
  • What we think we're learning and what we're actually learning
  • Learning to listen discerningly
  • The narrative of non-formal education
  • Schools, stories, self-smudging and emotional sabotage

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