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The sense of story is probably the most powerful way we have of interpreting experience. Most of the time we take it for granted, telling ourselves stories about our experience without testing very much.

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The Story Clinic

The Story Clinic is a platform for paying attention to our told and untold stories: stories of the body, stories of business, stories of relationships, stories about realities.

Developing life-story

For adolescents who would benefit as they negotiate education, identity and short, medium and long-term goals in respect of career and life expectations.

Chapters of life

For new roles, career-change, marital status, circles of friendship, age group, friendship connections, bereavement.

Deep stories

Beliefs, what we choose to hold or let go, and the tales that emotions tell.

Learning narratives

Whether we know it or not, we are always learning, and the basis of life-long learning is more like a story than a rationale. Take the time to discover what you are learning and why

Extra-large stories

Stories about being proud of your national identity and heritage, true to your culture and loyal to your faith can be overwhelmingly powerful.

Physiological stories

What happens within and to the body tells us that the body is much more than bone and tissue. The path to this living story is called Biofocusing.

Group purpose stories

The glue that keeps a group together and gives the group focus, action and purpose is more often than not an unconscious story abut collective meaning.

Author and associates

Author:  Walter Harry Willies has undergraduate and post graduate degrees in English, Psychology, Religious Studies, Education, Applied Linguistics and earned a D.Litt in Bibliotherapy.

He is a registered poetry therapist in the US and a registered graduate in Homeopathic Medicine in the UK. He is emeritus professor of Narrative Studies at the Western Orthodox University, Dominica.

Please contact Dr. Willies for group encounters, workshops, one-on-one sessions, skype calls or email correspondence. Rates supplied on request.


Dr Walter Willies
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