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The sense of story is probably the most powerful way we have of interpreting experience. Most of the time we take it for granted, telling ourselves stories about our experience without testing very much.

The Story Clinic is a platform for paying attention to our told and untold stories: stories of the body, stories of business, stories of relationships, stories about realities.

If you have a question, need or desire that connects with the sense of story, please contact us. We’re just a call or e-mail away.

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Some events are obvious, others subtle yet very significant. The Story Clinic offers the services of story-spotting which is based on the art of Noticing

Story therapy

The therapeutic values and applications of stories are widely recognized and utilised. Each person creates his or her own story on an hourly basis. So do groups, couples, families and friends. The Story Clinic offers information, advice and fun strategies in this connection.


The right book at the right time can make a dramatic difference. The Story Clinic offers the service of customized library-building.

Poetry therapy

Poems and poetry are shortcuts to achieving meaning when one is not sure how to express what one means. Poetry therapy is particularly helpful in clinical contexts and cultural-critical settings. The Story Clinic offers expertise in this area.


Need help with story-boarding, advertising, social media? A special message that needs to be put out there? The Story Clinic is your first call.

Bio-focusing: a healing modality

Language is not a capacity of ability unto itself. Each living body, organism and cell is a story, gathering intelligence as it lives seasons and cycles. The Story Clinic is able to lead one into the power of this realization.

Corporate and group narratives

Recipes are for cooking. Narratives are for creating, disrupting and communicating shared experiences in highly purposeful ways.

The Story Clinic knows how to read and write such narratives for corporate and groups of all kinds.

Author and associates

Author:  Walter Harry Willies has undergraduate and post graduate degrees in English, Psychology, Religious Studies, Education, Applied Linguistics and earned a D.Litt in Bibliotherapy.

He is a registered poetry therapist in the US and a registered graduate in Homeopathic Medicine in the UK. He is emeritus professor of Narrative Studies at the Western Orthodox University, Dominica.


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